25 Nov 2009

A collection of rubbish that is relavent.

I don't mean rubbish in that sense of the word. This is the collection of reference images I have collected over the past two weeks that I haven't uploaded yet. They just have been floating around on my laptop. I like to think these images helped influence my final pics that will be up on thursday.

P.S If you haven't got a note from Phil yet then Alan will mark the Maya work on monday. WEEKEND FTW.
Under sea and previous version section

These are just the general look and film that '20,000 leagues under the sea' sea. I have also incorporated underwater shots that I want to capture the atmosphere for my sea forest
Libary images:

The Libary in the Nautilus is described as a normal libary inside the ship. So I tried to gather images of grand libarys and small ones to try and get the detail.
Museum Images:

The Museum was the hardest. Not really sure how much research I can do into a basic Museum scene so here they are.


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