16 May 2010

Unit Recap + Slime Mold Model

Just to go over some new developments.

In regards to my story, I'm now going to include a 'goal' or as I call it, the 'Rocky' moment. This will involve my little guy reaching the top of the fruiting body. It has a moment of celebration, until it waves to the audience before diving into mass.

In regards to the sound effects, I'm so glad we had that mid unit crit so I could here that noise how others would here it. Yes, it was a grating, annoying sound that hindered the piece. But that will be rectified with a much softer 'slime' sound so it's not like a thud.

This is the slime Mold model I have created for the animation. I have used a moving liquid look to emphasise the gooey, jellyiness of the little cell. The red ball is the nuclei that will be animated according to what he is doing. Now to create a 'walk' cycle for it then I can do the Forest and Microbiological enviroments.


godwino said...

impressive earl! looks really good! :) keep it up!

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