27 Nov 2010

Car Modelling

Some images from the car modeling exercises. The front of the car is nearly done with the door taking shape and the back ready to get serious.

24 Nov 2010

Character Design - Bible Pages

Just a sample of the bible pages:

Character Design - Weekly Tasks

All the Weekly tasks in one place:

Character Design - Vortaii Final

The final Vortaii look. Vortaii uses many design elements that I researched and put into one. I think I have succeded at created a comic relief character that captures everything I wanted him to.

Character Design - Facial Expressions - All

And the facial expressions for all.
Garz has very understated expressions because of, for lack of a better word, he is an Emo so the emotions are more suppressed.
Vortaii has bigger expressions as the comic relief so it allows more freedom.
Mordred has no mouth so its purely down to his eyes to convey emotion, so I had to exxagerate them as much as possible.

Character Design - Turn-A-Rounds - All

Here are all the turn-a-rounds. I found the side the hardest to draw, but I pushed on to create a look I was happy with.

Character Design - Mordred Final

Mordred's Final Look. A very simple colour pallette that brings out his dark, evil nature, as well as the more panto side of him. The colours help each other and do give the look of an 80s cartoon villian in the same vain as Skeletor. I purposly used red only for the eyes to really draw attention to them, in a effort to suck you in.

Character Design - Garz Final Design

Garz's final look. I have combined everything I've learnt into this design, from the colours to the shapes, to the look. I decided to use the colours that I create to create a mild visual contrast. The audience can hopefully see through the look that this is a conflicted character.

Character Design - Silhouettes

And the Silhouettes of the three characters:

Character Design - Mordred Final Concept

Mordred borrowed a lot of elements from my research so I put him in a pose that is over the top evil pose, I also used a lot of triangles to give a villian look. I also used a raggedy cape to juxtapose the clean shoulder cape of the Hero

Character Design - Vortaii Final Concept

As I said, Vortaii stuck very close to my concepts in the way that I knew what Pose to use and how I wanted the character to be shaped. By combing the look of a Genie and Pixie, I created a arabian vest and shorts look but made them smaller to show the size of the character.

Character Design - Garz Final Concept

Garz's final design was very much inspired from my research. I wanted a powerful looking hero but also a softer edge so used squares as the basic shapes but curved then to give a more hero look that fits in my world. I also used the shoulder cloak to add duality and the pose as to show hiding away.

Character Design - Vortaii

Vortaii ended very similar to his final look as I had the idea from the very beginning.

Character Design - Mordred Concept

Like Garz, I created a design document for Mordred, trying out different approaches to his look and seeing how they would fit together.

Character Design - Garz concepts

Some initial drawings put together to show how the hero could have looked. I took elements from all the concepts to create my final drawing.

Character Design - Mordred Research

Mordred is the villian, but he is the villian of an 80s cartoon. There were lots of great cartoons in the time period so researching a pantomime villian as opposed to a super serious one was relativily easy. My main sources of inspiration came from Skeletor from 'He-Man' and Cobra Commander from 'G.I. Joe'.

As you can see from these images, both villians were very pantomine in the way that there movments are very over the top. For a saturday cartoon, I thought it was important that the enemy was not a terrifing creation but has a comedy edge. The children have to laugh at them.

In terms of design, I have used armour to keep with my theme but have also taken some ideas from an unlikly source, 'Power Rangers', particually Lord Zed.

Lord Zeds is designed to be strong and scary for the children, but what I liked most was the showing of muscle and the mask.  The muscles symbolise a strength that the character has, as the Power Rangers have no  real muscles on show to match his physicality. Themask adds to the unknown in the way that you don't know who or what this man is and in doing so, he has no emotion.

Character Design - Vortaii Character Research

Vortaii's design is mainly to appear comical so there are many characters that have this appeal but I focused on one type, or one person, very early on. I wanted a comical looking 'portly' man so one man that came to mind was Danny De'Vito.

The other characters that I tried to gleam personalities from are:

Shrek (predominatly from the first movie). A sort of reluctant hero that can't really be bothered except I'll tone down the heroism because he is the sidekick.

In terms of the look, I knew I wanted a Pixie as sort of guide in the vain of Navi for 'The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time' so I looked at the clothing of a pixie or even a genie as it applies more to males.

Character Design - Character Bios

Garz - The Hero

Garz is a mystery to many people in Camalot. One dark night, Garz at the age of 10 wandering in to the city, beaten and with little memory of his past. Knight Commander Lancelot took him on as an apprentice, where he learnt that the boy had natural talent with a sword and showed potential for the use of magic. Now at the age of 18, and hoping to join the Draken, Garzs history begins to show itself. The people of Camelot are friendly with Garz but harbour a silent fear of his unknown past, and frown upon his rebellious behaviour.

Garz is in many ways the hero. He is brave and won't let anyone step all over the weak, but he carries a dark secret and because of it, won't let anyone get close to him, shielding himself from the world.

Vortaii - The Sidekick

Vortaii is a funny creature. Not just by his personality but by his very existence. Pixies are common place in the land of England, famed for there immaculate beauty and flowing golden hair, Pixies guide wanderers through there forest home to the safe haven of the City. Yet, here is a male pixie that has clearly let himself go and is down right sarcastic! The opposite of the fabled Pixies that reside in the forest. In truth, Vortaii was evicted from the Pixie Protection Agency for neglecting his duties and as such, shunned both the worlds of Human and Pixies. That is until, a young hero literally comes crashing through his ceiling.

Vortaii is the comic relief in a dark tale. A fat, small creature not afraid to confront a villain... if he can bothered that is. Living at home watching the plants grow over the past 10 years has made one lazy Pixie.

Mordred - The Villain

Mordred is evil incarnate, simple as that. Sitting astride his mighty throne, he oversees everything in the England. He has complete rule and utter dominance, except for one haven that lies outside his reach. The haven is the city of Camelot. This infuriates Mordred to no end, the knowledge that there lies a city where children can grow and people can enjoy restless nights. A place that he cannot claim as his own. Mordred hatches a plan to steal the Maiden Dylana away, hoping to break the seal that protects the city and the surrounding forest. But he never expected for hero to follow. No, not Lancelot, but Garz, a man that Mordred knows from his past.

Mordred is the ultimate evil in a dark, barren wasteland full of bandits and monsters. Forever scheming ways to break Camelots protection, which he believes is connected to the Maiden Dylana. But for all his evil he still tries to live up to his family name, for you see, Mordred's father was feared until his disappearance. Mordred idolized his father and is forever looking for ways to make him proud.

Character Design - Garz Research and initial concepts

When creating Garz, I wanted to design a character where you can't see what his past was like. A man that you can't quite read when you look at him. Media is full of tragic heroes so research wasn't hard to Garz. Here are the key influences that I looked at when designing Garz:

Ezio Auditore de Firenze:

I was instantly drawn to and thought of Ezio's design when given my themes. Ezio is an assassin during the renaissence era of Italy. This is evidant in his design, so not exactly linked to my themes but the ideas behind the design was what I liked.

Despite being the protagonist of the series, Ezio is shrouded in robes, making it hard to see who he is and what he may be hiding. His face is covered by a hood, yet he is still very much the 'good guy'. Another part of the design that I thought was very strong was the half-cloak on his shoulder. I feel this adds a layer of duality to his personality as well as giving him another Hero aspect to play on the fact that he is covered.

Cloud Strife:

Cloud is similar to Ezio in the fact that he is the Hero, yet has design characteristics of a villian, giving him a darker edge. Once again, there is duality to his design with a naked arm on one side and a covered arm on the other. This symbolises letting people close but not too close.