22 Nov 2010

Postmodernism Essay Topic

The topic I'm going to cover in the upcoming Po-Mo essay is one that relates to games, as there close to my heart so I put some real gusto into it. The topic in question is:

'The way Postmodernism has effected the gaming landscape: Self-referencing in Games'

People aren't idiots. They know there playing a game so how do people feel when a game breaks that fourth wall placed you and it, and says something in the real world then in game like 'Switch the controller to the other port!'

The main offender that put this in my mind was 'Metal Gear Solid', where the quote came from. For a game praised for its immersive storyline and realistic characters, how does the player feel when they are literally reminded 'Oh hey, We are playing this on the PS3!'.

How would you like it if during 'The Elephant Man' if he turns to the screen halfway through and says 'The next bit is the best bit' then carries on as usual.

So, I will be exploring the art of Self-referencing in gaming.

This boss reads the contents of your Memory Card... for no reason.


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