31 Oct 2009


Lets get this concept art ball rolling.
My work from phils first lesson are up and I won't move them since they have no relevence to my unit and merely practices. (Appreciate the feedback Simon Holland)
I have never used a graphics tablet before and was REALLY apprehensive about this unit but I actually found my self enjoying it. I really believed this would be a struggle but I enjoyed it.
So lets get going:
Tommorow I'm gonna post my thoughts on my excerpts (20,000 leagues under the sea) as I analyse them in depth for descriptive value. I'll then be doing some quick sketches to get my points across. They won't be good but there just my references.

But now some research into concept art.
Brutal Legend:
With a release of a recent game comes alot of production articles:

This piece shows the paralel of the character. The right is the characters 'good' side while the left is her fall to the 'dark side'. The thing I like about this concept art is that both pieces are so drastic changes in appereance. To the 'uneducated' you wouldn't know that they are the same person. You can also see the similarity in there facial structure.

As you can proberly tell this is of the steriotypical 'Goth'. I don't think that the character has the same level of polish as the others do which is a bit of a let down. It doesn't have any characteristics define to this game.

But enough of the characters as we are doing space and vistas. I wanted to see how these characters would then fit into the enviroment:

This image has everything Phil mentioned in the workshop. The Sky has an ominous glow that looks cool but doesn't draw your attention. It also gives the feeling of conflict. You have mountains as shadows in the background to give it a level of depth, the car in the foreground along with the skulls add to this. The midground is the structure that draws your attention and this also shows scale in approximation to the car.
Next Game:
Uncharted 2:

(Favourite game of the PS3 and at the moment)
Anyone that has seen this game knows the stunning graphics and animation but without an immersval world it means nothing. So lets delve into the minds of the designers over at 'Naughty Dog':

I love this image, and clearly Sony does too as it was used for the cover art of the game. This is the ultimate concept art in my opinion. Not only does it show the character in all his glory but the detail of the enviroment is still high quility. The scale is undeniable as the look is, instead of across, is down. It gives a sense of peril as well as the location.

This could easily be analysed as portrait as well as a piece of concept art. The pose shows vunrebility but there is the presence of the gun that is slightly conceiled, giving the impression of maybe a false personality.
The background is of a war-torn location maybe meaning something of her past?
But now the enviroments, which this company really excel at.

Everything about them is perfect. The scale, depth and detail are all present but more importantlly there relevant to the story. For example, the structure in the third pic are relevant to story. You will need to climb and traverse the buildings. The same with the dangling train scene. It all adds to the story as opposed to 'just looking good'. If you've played the game then you would know that all these enviroments fit into the story in key points.

30 Oct 2009

dumping ground 2

I'll sort these out over the weekend

Dumping ground

Just putting stuff on here till I get home. Forgot my memory stick

22 Oct 2009

The End

And there you have it...
The end of Anatomy.
Essay: check
Portrait: Check
Work CD: Check
Maya work: Check.

and thus that ends this Blog...

Until Monday when we start our NEW unit! Now just a nice relaxing Crit day where I'm gonna buy 'Borderlands', 'Eyepet' and the new series of '24'. hell yeah

Final Maya: Fancy poker?

And heres the last of the maya tutorial. I've got to say, Alan, keep the tutorials comeing. There informative and teach us while not overwhelming us.

Question to my fellow bloggers

Windows 7 in now out.
Appearently its great but the amount of bugs vista had was stupid.
Microsoft is currently offering all students the OP for just £30. seeing as it can retail for £100-£250, Thats pretty damn good.
So has anyone tried windows 7? Should I upgrade or keep my vista?
just a ponder

Bottle and Drink

If you wondering why I'm doing these is a strange order, its because I saved the tutorials from MyUCA so all in a different order.
I have two to show you
have a drink, with lines:

As you can see it rendered first with the UV lines still wrapped around the bottle.
So I went back to photoshop and changed the layer. It then updated itself in Maya. creating:

Maya Fan: again

I did this earlier but took it down because I didn't think the quility was great. So I revisted the tutorial and I'm still not sure its right. It just doesn't look right to me. Any ideas or am I just thinking to much?

Detective desk

Heres another. starting to wrap up now.


Ok all I have to do now is:
Maya Fan
UV poker chips
Drink and wine.

Easy, then I'm all done

21 Oct 2009

Rainbow ROBOTS!!!

All 6 Lighting shots

Rear lights.

opps missed one

Point Lighting

A, B, C
Easy as 1, 2, 3

So heres all three:

Rocket Animation


once again, its a link.

not sure whats wrong?

Quick question to Phil...

I've done my Essay now and the word count is 1685. It said on the brief 'a 1500 word written assignment'. Does that mean I try to stick as close to that as possible? or is 1685 ok?

20 Oct 2009

Robot animation

Transformers!!! Robots in Disguigse


Its Here:

I did try to embed it (To big for Blogger) but it kept saying error.

19 Oct 2009

And here it is...

The last 'final' portrait wasn't good. I know that so I went back to the drawing board. My initial idea was to create a 'character sheet'. Obviously I need someone to use the camera but no one was available till tomorrow so I tried something else...

and hit, what I think, was the jackpot.

Before you see it, I want to explain.

Words. We speak them, we read them. Like you are now. To me, words are the one of the most integral things in this world. All us humans can talk or at least assimilate words. What if animals could talk or use sign language? What if they could write? We would treat them different. We would treat them like humans. We, as humans, are made of words. The words we speak make us who we are.
In my case, Literally...

(As usual, low quality)
The message about me: I am defined by my words, not appearance

This took me a good part of the day to do, but I think it was worth it. My face is made of my name. So in a way, I am made of myself. You know who it is if you analyse this. This will be the portrait I show on Crit day.
Here is the portrait with my face still in it.

After Phil's Comments I went back to basics and focused on giving a message and simplicity.
Give me some feedback people...

18 Oct 2009

An epithiny about the Final Portrait

So today I posted my 'final' portrait. Its not what I imagined and its not great. So after reading Phils comments, I had to start thinking. Do I recreate it and change what I had originally intended and try to further the idea into stupidity or go with another Idea entirely just a week before the Crit.
So I was pondering it while playing Uncharted 2 on PS3. I was scanning through there concept art of the characters and then it hit me. There was the main villain's model sheet.

Of course...

My fascination is games and this lends itself here.
A game character goes through many stages until it is in the game. The Character is placed into a pre-determined world and every aspect is created before it can begin to interact.
My Idea:
I am the character on the model sheet. It will consist of a front view, a back view and a side view. The reasoning? Why are we here? There are things in this world that are here for a reason. Placed into the world to do an action. What if I, We, were designed and created before we become who we are.

When we see a character Model sheet, unless we have seen the media, we don't know who they are. We judge on appearance.

So to simplify: I will create a character sheet of me. Just to be judged by appearance alone. My 'design' is all you know.


Final Portrait

Here it is. I know its only Sunday but it gives me a chance to change it depending on your feedback so its all good.

(low qulity, I know)
Ok I'll just go through it.
The Tribal Markings in the corners show the changing between Night and Day. Also the reason I used the Gradient. The Markings I had to modify the colour because the Sun was white and the Moon was black.
The Picture of me on the Left is when I woke up at 8am. The Picture on the right is me going to sleep at 8am. The very Middle is me at 8pm. The exact middle. All the faces inbetween are my progress.
My 'Degradation' if you will.
The title is '24' because thats how long I was awake and working for. This is meant to show my face changing throughout the day and eventually the blankness is my face.
So gimme some feedback...

half way through...

So its midnight. I'm halfway through my 24 hour picture thing for my final portrait. Not sure I'll be doing much tommorow

15 Oct 2009

MyUCA problems?

I'm trying to get the tutorials for the 3D maya work of MyUCA but I'm running into some trouble.
Week 4 works fine but the other 3 weeks get HTTP 404 errors. So will it be fixed in a matter of time or am I gonna have to get the files from elsewere?

14 Oct 2009

Uncharted 2 Animation

I got Uncharted 2: Among Thieves today in the post. Just watch this if your interested in animation.
(No spoilers)

I have never seen better animation in a Game. Films have Pixar. I think games just found there version. Plus the game is pure Awesome.

The Worlds First Face Transplant.

We watched this documentry on Tuesday. At first I wasn't really sure what this had to do with portrait until the thought of identity was said. Which made me think me about whats inside and out.

I'm not one to be squimish or shy away from blood and gore but one thing did turn my stomach. Isabelle Dinoire was the unfortunate woman in question and I thought the lower half of her face was an undeniable skull. When the doctors had to loosen the muscles around her mother was just horrible. There was no blood or gore but for some reason I hated that part. It could have been the fact that the top half of Isabelles face was perfect while her lower half was practically a skull. But she made it through and more happy then ever. Good.

But It has made me question my Final Portrait. We, as humans, are shallow. Fact. So how could I deform my face with out obvoiuse Photoshop use? Well people say how worse off we are in the morning and how our faces change throughout the day.

Idea 1: A photo of my face taken on the hour, every hour, for 24 hours. This symbolies that our faces are our identity and how differently we react to people when they look different. This would be arranged into like a collage on Photoshop.

Ideas 2: This incorparated with my Thumbnail idea to show I'm the same person I always have been throughout but looking different as the day goes on.

12 Oct 2009

Essay portraits

These are the portraits by Hans Holbein the younger that I will be anaylsing and comparing for my essay question.

The Ambassadors:

How could I leave out the portrait that made me look into Hans Holbein and his portraits. The Memento of the skull and the 'with stuff' look is what intrigues me and I will looking more in depth the portrait and the symbolisms behind the objects.

Henry VIII of England:

This portrait is pretty basic in every way. Thats the reason I chose it. I need a simple one to use as fodder and compare the other complicated ones.

The Body of the Dead Christ in the Tomb:

Thats right: this is a portrait of Jesus Christ. This will be the most interesting to analyse because it is one of Holbeins more 'other-worldly' portraits. Quite a contrast to Henry VIII.

Venus and Amor:

One of Holbeins few portraits of womem. This will be interested to look at due the way the baby is placed and the general body language of Venus. This is also known as 'Venus and Cupid'.
I don't want to go into to much depth here because I want detailed reviews in my essay as opposed to me blog.
Any feedback?