12 Oct 2009

Elephant Man- my thoughts

Elephant man is a film directed by the Legend that is David Lynch. I wouldn't say he has done many films but the ones he has done have been masterpieces in direction.

I'll be honest, I'm not a fan of black and white. It's mainly because I from a generation of colour. Having said that, if the movie is good, then it can be pink and teal for all I can. Was this movie good? Hell yes.

The black and white really lends an air of atmosphere to the whole film which would be impossible if shot in colour.

But the story is what sells it. I don't know the historical accuracy but this was just a tale about one man who, unfortunately, is deformed. Is it his fault? no. Is it anyone Else's? also no. But he is just a normal man.

Put simply the performances where great. And the transition from sideshow freak to a man on display at a hospital we saw that John Merrick is a kind and smart man.

The asks lots of questions relating to Medicine and the prejudice in society then, and possibly even now.
To sum it up: A great story and excellent performances by the cast all complimented by Lynch's Direction

And it gave the world a line so powerful it defines the entire film:

'I am NOT an elephant! I AM NOT AN ANIMAL! I AM A HUMAN BEING! I...AM...A MAN!'

Simply brilliant


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