10 Oct 2009

Final Idea V.2

You may have read my idea for mt portrait but after reading Phils interim review I'm going to mix it up. Make it more technical. I'm going to stick with the Thumbprint idea because I love the idea of being analytical as opposed to 'looking in at myslf'. I want an honest, scientific if you will, look at me.

So now the portrait is in two parts. First is still the thumbprint that I will have to clean up because I'll be using an ink stamp. The second new part is like a collage of every photo I have. I'm going through all my photos and putting all the faces into the portrait behind the thumbprint. All the faces will have different visibility depending on there importance in my life. such as people I barley know or knew, will be hard to see. My family and close friends will be in plain sight.

What I'm trying to say is:
'This is me (thumbprint), and these are people that made me into that.' Its like a continuous loop.

I'm gonna be honest. I am finding it hard to come up with an idea that will match the portraits of the greats we have seen in lectures. Any advice or help will be appreciated.

Final P.Portrait and essay portraits to follow sunday or monday.


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