31 Oct 2009


Lets get this concept art ball rolling.
My work from phils first lesson are up and I won't move them since they have no relevence to my unit and merely practices. (Appreciate the feedback Simon Holland)
I have never used a graphics tablet before and was REALLY apprehensive about this unit but I actually found my self enjoying it. I really believed this would be a struggle but I enjoyed it.
So lets get going:
Tommorow I'm gonna post my thoughts on my excerpts (20,000 leagues under the sea) as I analyse them in depth for descriptive value. I'll then be doing some quick sketches to get my points across. They won't be good but there just my references.

But now some research into concept art.
Brutal Legend:
With a release of a recent game comes alot of production articles:

This piece shows the paralel of the character. The right is the characters 'good' side while the left is her fall to the 'dark side'. The thing I like about this concept art is that both pieces are so drastic changes in appereance. To the 'uneducated' you wouldn't know that they are the same person. You can also see the similarity in there facial structure.

As you can proberly tell this is of the steriotypical 'Goth'. I don't think that the character has the same level of polish as the others do which is a bit of a let down. It doesn't have any characteristics define to this game.

But enough of the characters as we are doing space and vistas. I wanted to see how these characters would then fit into the enviroment:

This image has everything Phil mentioned in the workshop. The Sky has an ominous glow that looks cool but doesn't draw your attention. It also gives the feeling of conflict. You have mountains as shadows in the background to give it a level of depth, the car in the foreground along with the skulls add to this. The midground is the structure that draws your attention and this also shows scale in approximation to the car.
Next Game:
Uncharted 2:

(Favourite game of the PS3 and at the moment)
Anyone that has seen this game knows the stunning graphics and animation but without an immersval world it means nothing. So lets delve into the minds of the designers over at 'Naughty Dog':

I love this image, and clearly Sony does too as it was used for the cover art of the game. This is the ultimate concept art in my opinion. Not only does it show the character in all his glory but the detail of the enviroment is still high quility. The scale is undeniable as the look is, instead of across, is down. It gives a sense of peril as well as the location.

This could easily be analysed as portrait as well as a piece of concept art. The pose shows vunrebility but there is the presence of the gun that is slightly conceiled, giving the impression of maybe a false personality.
The background is of a war-torn location maybe meaning something of her past?
But now the enviroments, which this company really excel at.

Everything about them is perfect. The scale, depth and detail are all present but more importantlly there relevant to the story. For example, the structure in the third pic are relevant to story. You will need to climb and traverse the buildings. The same with the dangling train scene. It all adds to the story as opposed to 'just looking good'. If you've played the game then you would know that all these enviroments fit into the story in key points.


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