12 Oct 2009

Essay portraits

These are the portraits by Hans Holbein the younger that I will be anaylsing and comparing for my essay question.

The Ambassadors:

How could I leave out the portrait that made me look into Hans Holbein and his portraits. The Memento of the skull and the 'with stuff' look is what intrigues me and I will looking more in depth the portrait and the symbolisms behind the objects.

Henry VIII of England:

This portrait is pretty basic in every way. Thats the reason I chose it. I need a simple one to use as fodder and compare the other complicated ones.

The Body of the Dead Christ in the Tomb:

Thats right: this is a portrait of Jesus Christ. This will be the most interesting to analyse because it is one of Holbeins more 'other-worldly' portraits. Quite a contrast to Henry VIII.

Venus and Amor:

One of Holbeins few portraits of womem. This will be interested to look at due the way the baby is placed and the general body language of Venus. This is also known as 'Venus and Cupid'.
I don't want to go into to much depth here because I want detailed reviews in my essay as opposed to me blog.
Any feedback?


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