15 Dec 2011

SIP - Sky Cab

The White parts show where the doors and front window are. These will be highlighted more during texturing.

SIP - Fire Hydrant and Street Light Modelling

13 Dec 2011

SIP - Door and Palm Pad Modelling

Progress on the Door and Palm Pad. Again, overgrown details will be added at the building stage.

ELM Productions Ident V2

I decided to change the ident that I currently use as I felt it was too long and felt a little unprofessional. I have now changed it and the branding around the blog.

12 Dec 2011

SIP - Billboard and Neon Sign Modelling

The Modelling Process of both the Neon Sign and Billboard:

Neon Sign:

There are more details to be added, but I'll do this when I get to adding them to buildings. It will merge the two different parts together into one.

SIP - Blocked out City Street/ Rule of Thirds/ Basic Animation

This is a still from the blocked out digital set:

This next image has the 'Rule of Thirds' applied to it:

As you can see, it requires some editing to fit the rule but there are some aspects that are already lined up.

This is an animation showing the movements of the Sky Cabs flying around.

29 Nov 2011

SIP - Interim Crit Presentation

Earl Mills - Yggdrasil Noir Crit

I have also created a brief 'Root/Vine' test, showing the blocked out Vines over the blocked out billboard.

SIP - Shadow Plan

Shadows are very important when it comes to the Film Noir Genre. This plan indictactes the the focal points on the set where shadows will be strongest. Shadows will play a part all over the set with the light source coming from the rear.

24 Nov 2011

SIP - Yggdrasil Noir - Pre-Production 2

This past week I've been furthering the pre-production before the Interim Crit and the step into Production. To accomodate this, I've started to block out the street scene to understand the space and scale needed as well as applie the 'Overgrown' asthetic to each part.

The Warner Brothers Backlot is the basis of the world.

An Influence Map showcasing how roots and vines overgrown structures already in place.

Concept of Parts:

Overgrown Air conditioners 

Overgrown Door

Overgrown Fire Hydrant

Sci-Fi Neon Sign

BillBoard Sign

Steaming Vent/Ventilators


Blocked Out Models:

Sci-Fi Door

Hanging Banner

Fire Hydrant

Sci-Fi Neon Sign

Palm Pad

Sci-Fi Billboard

Sky Cab


Steaming Vent/Ventilators

Collective Blocking 1

Collective Blocking 2

Collective Blocking 3

Editing Image of Warner Bros Backlot:

Blocked out in Maya: