24 Nov 2011

SIP - Yggdrasil Noir - Pre-Production 2

This past week I've been furthering the pre-production before the Interim Crit and the step into Production. To accomodate this, I've started to block out the street scene to understand the space and scale needed as well as applie the 'Overgrown' asthetic to each part.

The Warner Brothers Backlot is the basis of the world.

An Influence Map showcasing how roots and vines overgrown structures already in place.

Concept of Parts:

Overgrown Air conditioners 

Overgrown Door

Overgrown Fire Hydrant

Sci-Fi Neon Sign

BillBoard Sign

Steaming Vent/Ventilators


Blocked Out Models:

Sci-Fi Door

Hanging Banner

Fire Hydrant

Sci-Fi Neon Sign

Palm Pad

Sci-Fi Billboard

Sky Cab


Steaming Vent/Ventilators

Collective Blocking 1

Collective Blocking 2

Collective Blocking 3

Editing Image of Warner Bros Backlot:

Blocked out in Maya:


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