29 Nov 2011

SIP - Interim Crit Presentation

Earl Mills - Yggdrasil Noir Crit

I have also created a brief 'Root/Vine' test, showing the blocked out Vines over the blocked out billboard.


godwino said...

Hey Earl Looks like you could do with a comment or two.

at first i thought this Presentation needs some clarity but now i see its a environment project, in a sense it needs more clarity as i am new to all of this. i can see you have blocked out the basic shapes of the scene but is this going to be a still? or is a camera going to go into more detail on the things you have modeled?... i can see you have animated some vines growing which is awesome. a Giant floating tree city sounds amazing. so are we going to see this tree in the project? all them logical silhouettes you designed to help us understand how the tree floats, are they going to be in the animation/still? get back to me duuddee :)

Bluejetdude said...

Yeah, it's going to be a digital set. It was originally going to be a environment with the camera flying through it but me and Alan scaled it back. I plan to incorporate the previous work I've done as a little nod to it. The trees going to be in the background as a large figure looming over the street. It's all motifs from Film Noir. :)

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