28 Mar 2012

MP - Attack!!! Of the Virus! - Complete Previs

I've been working on the second part of the previs and combining the two seperate parts together. I've applied the camera movements suggested by Phil but left room to change things up.

Complete Previs:

The original video was not displaying in 16:9. I've now fixed that:

One Aspect already set for change is the establishing shot of the Red Blood Cells. The Camera is too close and doesn't show its surrounding. I may change this in another version of the previs, or I may save time and make a note of it for later in production.

Also, Production is now in full swing with me cracking on with models. I'll upload these as soon as there at a level ready to be shown.

22 Mar 2012

MP - Attack!!! Of The Virus! - Pre-Vis Part 1

This is the current progress of the Pre-Vis. Its coming along well, but slowly, as I'm trying to incorporate elements of the art direction and see exactly how they work. Because of this, it's been split into two parts.

Part Two is coming in the next day or two.

As you can see, the Halftone effect can be pretty overpowering, but I can tone that down with the implementation of Part 2. The general look of the effect needs to be edited too, but that's the point of previs, see what works and how things work. For example, the dots need to be larger, as at the moment they look kind of like cross stitching.

MP - Attack!!! Of The Virus! - Designs V3

I've combined the look of the more organic ships with the look of the more mechanical ones. This led to a slight overhaul of the Mothership.

I havent changed the White Blood Cell Ship as I couldn't find any further way to combine both arts. I fell it already combines elements of the organic and the mechanical.

Regardless, here are all three:

White Blood Cell:

Virus Fighter:

Virus Mothership:

15 Mar 2012

MP - Attack!!! Of The Virus! - Animatic V3

This is my second animatic. I've been trying to further refine the animation and the actions there in but I think I would be able to get my idea across much better with a pre-vis to really show the action of the piece.
I've started to prep for it.

Apologies for the lower quality at points. I've been wrestling with Premier Pro.

The footage is from a 1930 film called Hell's Angels by Howard Hughes. My drawings and the footage have been spliced together to create the finished effect.

14 Mar 2012

MP - Attack!!! Of The Virus! - Story Overview

This overview shows the story outline of the animation and how the animatic will follow it. It may be a bit confusing to follow, so its really for my benefit when I put the drawings and 'Hell's Angels' content together. This allows me to evenly distribute the time over the animation.

This will be shown better in the animatic which is coming very soon...

13 Mar 2012

MP - Attack!!! Of The Virus! - Designs V3

A new take on my designs with more of an emphasise on the organic side then the sci-fi side.

White Blood Cell:

The White Blood Cell ship has been rounded out to more closely resemble the original source. It retains the white look and simple styling, with the spaceship look but the overall shape of white blood cell.

Virus Fighter Ship:

The virus fighter follows a similar styling to its larger counterpart. The spikes at the back give it an 'evil' look as well as staying close to the tentecaled look of the Mothership. The bacteria is more 'pointed' and focused as it attacks the body, so this is represented with its slimer body and pointed extremities.

Virus Mothership:

The Mothership follows a more stylised look of a bacteria, with the tendrils flailing behind it. It instantly gives it a more parasitic look and evokes danger. The tendrils also act as the hanger for the smaller virus fighers and when entering into combat, they are released from there. The difference between the mothership and fighter is that the mothership has a layering of armour around its center. It also releases the toxin thgrough its vents with leads to the narrative. During the animation the ship will use its tendrils to cause a 'Shockwave' attack leading to the 'What If' moment.

Scale comparison:

I have also watched the aerial combat in 'Hell's Angels' (1930) to see the filmic language use. As suggested by Alan, I'm going to combine a new animatic and these scenes into one. Along with this will be a 'Story Overview' detailing the Start, Middle, End and 'Not Sure' moment.

7 Mar 2012

MP - ATTACK!!! Of the Virus! - Ship Designs Part 2

Along side my Animatic and Art Direction I have been fine tuning my designs for the central ships. I have added Gray silhouettes symbolising detailed or different areas then then black area. This is mainly changes in width and height as the point of these ships is not to be super complicated and detailed. The main point is to differentiate the two factions and the feature strong colours and bold lines. I have painted onto them to give a sense of there colour and Cell shading.

The added detailed areas are inspired by both realistic aircraft's and sci-fi influences by there placements. The Mothership is the greater deal of detail due to its larger size and focus in the animation. I have also not added any details that detract from there bold shapes and strong colour palette to keep with the target audience (10-15/12).

I have also detailed the inner tube that the lone White Blood Ship goes through the reach the core of the Virus.

The painted ships each have there unique colour applied to it and are shaded in a similar way to Cell Shading, with strong lines between shaded and not shaded. This gives a clearer definition of each respective ship then the Comic Concept.

The texture that the ships will have will be metallic. The WBCS will be clean and pristine whist the virus will be scratched and scuffed.

MP - ATTACK!!! of the Virus! - Animatic

I've been working away on my animatic recently getting all the correct timing and musical high and low points.

Sound Effects have not been added yet. These will be sci-fi sounds mixed with an organic twinge to emphasise the place.

The pace is set similary to other action set pieces found in movies. The comic book asthetic tells the audience exactly whats happening and why and it will greatly influence the art style (as seen in my Comic Concept posts). The music is orchestral, just like other action setpieces found in modernised B Movies.

5 Mar 2012

MP - Attack!!! Of The Virus! - Comic Concept V2

A new comic concept that shows a more comic book look. I plan to apply all of the look to a forthcoming Pre-Vis to really show the art direction in movement, which is where we will really see it.

I have added the new colour scheme and a Halftone effect. This is inspired by the works of Roy Lichtenstein which I had previously looked in to on a research post. I feel that that the new look really lends it a Comic book look and gives me an art style to work with.

On a side note, this is the current logo for the aniamtion.

The logo is heavily inspired by a selection of things. These are, comic book logos, Cartoon logos and B Movie logos. This will look more at home on the front cover of my fictional comic book.

Next I plan to go into more depth with my designs and there finer details and the animatic is currently under construction.

MP - Attack!!! Of The Virus! - Colour Palette V2

This is the new colour palette for the animation.

It's noticeably a lot brighter with the colours contrasting each other a lot more, giving it a better look and distinction between good and bad.

The palette is exclusive to RGB and the colours there in. Thanks to Phil for pointing me in the right direction. I feel that this colour palette really helps it more and brings it to life more then the one I had produced before.

Next up is the next Comic Concept applying more comic styles.

4 Mar 2012

MP - Attack!!! Of The Virus! - Storyboard

This is the storyboard for the animation now entitled:

ATTACK!!! Of The Virus!
(Logo to come)

The animation is heavily inspired by cartoons, comic books and B Movies (modenised).

Next on the agenda is to create an animatic and fully figure out the timing and music of the piece. I already know where I want to go with this so I can dive straight in. I'm also working on the finer details of my designs for the ship.

On another note, here is a sneak peek of a new Art Direction post I'm working on. Its applying the comic book asthetic more heavily to the comic book panels I created before.

The new colour palette (restricted to RGB) has not been applied yet but it coming very soon.