13 Mar 2012

MP - Attack!!! Of The Virus! - Designs V3

A new take on my designs with more of an emphasise on the organic side then the sci-fi side.

White Blood Cell:

The White Blood Cell ship has been rounded out to more closely resemble the original source. It retains the white look and simple styling, with the spaceship look but the overall shape of white blood cell.

Virus Fighter Ship:

The virus fighter follows a similar styling to its larger counterpart. The spikes at the back give it an 'evil' look as well as staying close to the tentecaled look of the Mothership. The bacteria is more 'pointed' and focused as it attacks the body, so this is represented with its slimer body and pointed extremities.

Virus Mothership:

The Mothership follows a more stylised look of a bacteria, with the tendrils flailing behind it. It instantly gives it a more parasitic look and evokes danger. The tendrils also act as the hanger for the smaller virus fighers and when entering into combat, they are released from there. The difference between the mothership and fighter is that the mothership has a layering of armour around its center. It also releases the toxin thgrough its vents with leads to the narrative. During the animation the ship will use its tendrils to cause a 'Shockwave' attack leading to the 'What If' moment.

Scale comparison:

I have also watched the aerial combat in 'Hell's Angels' (1930) to see the filmic language use. As suggested by Alan, I'm going to combine a new animatic and these scenes into one. Along with this will be a 'Story Overview' detailing the Start, Middle, End and 'Not Sure' moment.


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