22 Mar 2012

MP - Attack!!! Of The Virus! - Pre-Vis Part 1

This is the current progress of the Pre-Vis. Its coming along well, but slowly, as I'm trying to incorporate elements of the art direction and see exactly how they work. Because of this, it's been split into two parts.

Part Two is coming in the next day or two.

As you can see, the Halftone effect can be pretty overpowering, but I can tone that down with the implementation of Part 2. The general look of the effect needs to be edited too, but that's the point of previs, see what works and how things work. For example, the dots need to be larger, as at the moment they look kind of like cross stitching.


tutorphil said...

Hey Earl, I think you should consider keeping your camera in motion more - what I mean is that, instead of having it 'dead-eyed' and fixed in position, consider just giving it a push, or a rise or a fall - not dramatic stuff - but something to breathe some life into the shots.

Bluejetdude said...

Yeah, I totally agree. I'm still working on the Previs so these changes will be incorporated!

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