28 Mar 2012

MP - Attack!!! Of the Virus! - Complete Previs

I've been working on the second part of the previs and combining the two seperate parts together. I've applied the camera movements suggested by Phil but left room to change things up.

Complete Previs:

The original video was not displaying in 16:9. I've now fixed that:

One Aspect already set for change is the establishing shot of the Red Blood Cells. The Camera is too close and doesn't show its surrounding. I may change this in another version of the previs, or I may save time and make a note of it for later in production.

Also, Production is now in full swing with me cracking on with models. I'll upload these as soon as there at a level ready to be shown.


tutorphil said...

just an obvious thing - you're aspect ratio isn't 16:9 - is that design, or an over-sight? 16:9 would help some of your compositions too...

Bluejetdude said...

It's not by design, it was an issue with Premier Pro. The footage from After Effects is in 16:9 but premier Pro and YouTube decided to do this weird shrinking thing. I'll try and sort it out and reupload it.

Bluejetdude said...

There we go, all fixed. It was a composition setting in Pro that didn't edit.

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