30 Nov 2009

Invasion of the BodySnatchers

Who would have thought it? A black and white I actually enjoyed!

There's no point going into the story here as we all know it. To be honest you get the idea from the name. But to sum it up:
Evil space pods come from... well, space, and take over our bodies by cloning and becoming us while we sleep. We humans are awesome so can we blame them?

But why humans? There pods, not a sentient being so why not consume all the... lets say cats. Or maybe because a farmer found it? Who knows. Plus why does a body need to be produced by the pod? At the end Becky was taken over by sleeping for a second so why is the duplicate body needed. Why did the clone of Jack wake up and where did it go? Jack was then taken over when he slept so what about the clone? Maybe he went to the Bahamas. Or is there two of everyone?

Above: Dead Jack is now enjoying himself in the Bahamas. Well the original dead one that came alive and then the alive one died.

But I'm nitpicking. I actually enjoyed it and if the 70s remake is on TV over Christmas I'll watch it probably.

But on an ending note: In the movie I thought Kevin McCarthy (Dr Miles Bennell) looked a lot like Keifer Sutherland in some scenes. Keifer's father is Donald Sutherland who plays the main character in the 70s remake. Weird...

Here he is:

(Why wasn't this scream in the original? Was this an adaptation of the main siren?)

Finished street scene

And here it is all done.

I really can't believe I created this image. I'm really proud of it. So lets texturize this thing.
For some reason or another the image above won't enlarge. It seems blogger decides when to do it. So for a clearer view visit here:

26 Nov 2009

The Museum Final 3

The Final of the three concept pieces.
The important part of this piece is that I wan't it to nearly exactly the same as the previous one. As it is literly the room next to the libary I figuered it would be nearly the same themes.

Step 1: Creating the clam fountain at the front of the scene was the starting point of this endeavor. The background was a clean yellow one as I wanted to see how lighting would affect it.

Step 2: Filling out the clam shell with white and adding in the curves of the shell.

Step 3: Big update this time. I wanted to make it look like the water is... water. I think the whole look works well. I also added a door in the same vain of the previous door. I also added a trophy above the door as described in the chapter. Because it was a fountain I needed a water shot and I think I actually did it really well.

Step 4: Added another trophy to the wall as well as one behind the water. I also added portraits and pedestals to emphasise the fact that its a museum/collection place. The pedestals are spread around unevenly because it was meant to be untidy as described.

Step 5: Simple update... to say. I added more detail to the scene to try and make it a collective scene.

Step 6: Another big change. I changed the colour of the background to match the previous scene. I also used lighting to create focus points over the portraits.

Final Piece:

And there you have it. The final of the three with changed lighting.

Honesty time: I haven't enjoyed this unit, but I am proud of the three pieces I have created. A few months ago I would never have thought I could create these.

Job Done.
Job Well Done for me.

The Libary Final 2

The second final Piece.
The production process:

Step 1: Creating the table was big part of the scene. I needed the table to be important because I wanted to show the clutter that gathered in the library as well as the contrast of space between the door and bookcases. I have a theme of clutter and emptiness.

Step 2: The beginning of the door. I wanted to give it a futuristic as well as an old fashioned style. The lines give a 'sci-fi' aesthetic to the door.

Step 3: Filling out the door with colour. Also started adding a door knob to keep it old looking. I think the light and dark maroon compliment each other.

Step 4: Adding clutter and mess to the table was a key part of the scene. I tried to give the scene a 'clean but messy' look. The books are stacked but paper is strewn about.

Step 5: Simple background for now. I wanted to create a warm but common environment inside the ship. The colour will change as it goes on.

Step 6: The background wall is darkened so the lighting would have more of an effect and the bookcases are brought in. In wanted to give the bookcases a look of curvature.

Step 7: Expanding the bookcase to the right. That's about it.

Step 8: Placing the book cases to the right and getting ready to change the colour on some of the books
Step 9: Filled out the spacing to create the scene described in the book. I added the seats underneath the bookcases and used colour dodge to add in lights.

Step 10: The near final scene. All that's needed now is some colour change to differentiate the books.

The Final Scene:

I added shadows and changed some book colours to red. I actually found inside scenes INCREDIBLY hard. I would have preferred to an outside scene again.

The Submarine Forest Final 1

So here goes.
The Submarine production first:

Yep. Just a background. I wanted to give it a deep dark murky feel so I could use light piercing the water to create some atmosphere.

I added the edge of the submarine Forest to the right of the scene. The reason that the forest only takes up part of the screen is because I wanted to contrast the open space of the sea and the large group of trees. I added a descent because in the chapter it explains that the characters move down to the forest.

I added more detail to the ground around the trees and added leaves. I read the chapter as a land forest deeply nestled under the water. So I tried to make the trees look earthly as well as being clearly underwater. I also added bubbles to add to the effect.

The near final scene. Not much is added except the detail of the sand and the depth of the turtles in the distance. I also added kelp into the background swaying in the distance to emphasise the location and the emptiness.
And now for the final Piece:

There it is. I added more detail to the sand as well as obviously the light beams penetrating the water above. I added a small man to show the scale as well as give a lighting point.
All in all, I'm proud of what I've produced. To be honest, I didn't enjoy this unit because its no where near my 'Forte'. But I did it and tried my best. I am happy with this piece specially.

25 Nov 2009

A collection of rubbish that is relavent.

I don't mean rubbish in that sense of the word. This is the collection of reference images I have collected over the past two weeks that I haven't uploaded yet. They just have been floating around on my laptop. I like to think these images helped influence my final pics that will be up on thursday.

P.S If you haven't got a note from Phil yet then Alan will mark the Maya work on monday. WEEKEND FTW.
Under sea and previous version section

These are just the general look and film that '20,000 leagues under the sea' sea. I have also incorporated underwater shots that I want to capture the atmosphere for my sea forest
Libary images:

The Libary in the Nautilus is described as a normal libary inside the ship. So I tried to gather images of grand libarys and small ones to try and get the detail.
Museum Images:

The Museum was the hardest. Not really sure how much research I can do into a basic Museum scene so here they are.

21 Nov 2009

Some quick thumbnails:

Heres some thumbnails about my three pieces of concept art. I took Phils advice and scanned instead of taking pictures of them. I don't want them to be blurry.