30 Nov 2009

Invasion of the BodySnatchers

Who would have thought it? A black and white I actually enjoyed!

There's no point going into the story here as we all know it. To be honest you get the idea from the name. But to sum it up:
Evil space pods come from... well, space, and take over our bodies by cloning and becoming us while we sleep. We humans are awesome so can we blame them?

But why humans? There pods, not a sentient being so why not consume all the... lets say cats. Or maybe because a farmer found it? Who knows. Plus why does a body need to be produced by the pod? At the end Becky was taken over by sleeping for a second so why is the duplicate body needed. Why did the clone of Jack wake up and where did it go? Jack was then taken over when he slept so what about the clone? Maybe he went to the Bahamas. Or is there two of everyone?

Above: Dead Jack is now enjoying himself in the Bahamas. Well the original dead one that came alive and then the alive one died.

But I'm nitpicking. I actually enjoyed it and if the 70s remake is on TV over Christmas I'll watch it probably.

But on an ending note: In the movie I thought Kevin McCarthy (Dr Miles Bennell) looked a lot like Keifer Sutherland in some scenes. Keifer's father is Donald Sutherland who plays the main character in the 70s remake. Weird...

Here he is:

(Why wasn't this scream in the original? Was this an adaptation of the main siren?)


Keith Larkin said...

Hey Earl.
I'm Keith from the second year, thought i would come by and say hello as Phil has directed me to you.

Shout me if you need me for anything.

Bluejetdude said...

Hi keith.
I'll come by if I need any help. But I can shout very loud.

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