1 Nov 2009

20,000 legues under the sea review 2

Chapter XVII (17)

A submarine forest:

(wow that title sounds ominous)

It is stated that the characters are standing on the edge of forest looking in. The forest consists of 'treelike' plants and underneath the canvas of leaves, the branches grew in 'strange' way. Maybe entangling themselves or growing in strange angles?
Answered in the next line:
All the plants on the floor nor the branches grew in normal ways. They all grew up. The plants and branches were rigid and faced straight up. When moved aside they quickly regain there previous position. It is described as 'the land of the vertical'. The soil of the forest was strewn with sharp rocks that were hard to miss. This either means that the rocks are large or numerous. The plants and trees do not require any roots as they require no nutrient's from the soil. They only require support. This makes me believe that the smaller plants are self dependent while the larger ones make be grouped closer together for support. The leafs are described more as 'blades' with colours limited pink, carmine, green, olive, fawn and brown. In the shadows of the larger trees are 'normal' bushes with real flowers, 'zebra like' fruit. There were also small 'fish flies' going in between the plants and fruit.
Hiding in the undergrowth is a 'sea spider'. The ground continued to slope downwards, which tell me the cast started at the highest point and going down. There is a narrow valley in the distance from the resting point of the party. Light is nearly non existent in this part of the forest as the sun cannot penetrate the sea.
At the end of the expedition they come across a giant wall of rocks.

So there you have it, but I do have a question. As this chapter is a journey am I right in assuming that I pick a point to do the concept art for? Or is it a collection of all the chapter?


tutorphil said...

Pick a 'moment', Earl - you are asked to produce three different scenes, but many of the PDFs you've got have the potential for more than three, so it's a question of what you think will make for the strongest, most dynamic material for adaptation - in terms of lighting effects and atmosphere, the submarine forest sounds ace! :-)

tutorphil said...

You want to start creating mood boards of associated images for all of your scenes - textures, shapes, lighting, elements - the works!

Bluejetdude said...

I was going to start the mood board and do some sketchs tommorow after the movie. I really want to give the forest a good shot and I like the idea of the libary and the saloon/museum

tutorphil said...

Okay - some important tips re. the essay. What I DON'T want is 1,500 words of general observations about the 'look' of a game or film; what I'm looking for is some genuine research into the creative team/rationale behind the creation of a particular world (for instance, for Superman Returns, there was a conscious effort on behalf of the production designers to create an amalgamation of time periods, so that the film had a retro/contemporary quality that referenced the forties as well as the present day); another way to discuss the 'look' of a film/game in a contextualised way is to gather together lots of film/reviews and cross-reference the similarities between observations, as reviewers identify 'trends' and 'meanings' in the production design. I want you to actually 'deconstruct' the look of something in intellectual terms, and not just bang on about the obvious stuff - this should be your mantra - AVOID GENERIC OBSERVATIONS! Find an angle, support it with external evidence and PROVE your analysis... Obviously then, I'd choose something about which you can dig up the relevant information...

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