26 Nov 2009

The Submarine Forest Final 1

So here goes.
The Submarine production first:

Yep. Just a background. I wanted to give it a deep dark murky feel so I could use light piercing the water to create some atmosphere.

I added the edge of the submarine Forest to the right of the scene. The reason that the forest only takes up part of the screen is because I wanted to contrast the open space of the sea and the large group of trees. I added a descent because in the chapter it explains that the characters move down to the forest.

I added more detail to the ground around the trees and added leaves. I read the chapter as a land forest deeply nestled under the water. So I tried to make the trees look earthly as well as being clearly underwater. I also added bubbles to add to the effect.

The near final scene. Not much is added except the detail of the sand and the depth of the turtles in the distance. I also added kelp into the background swaying in the distance to emphasise the location and the emptiness.
And now for the final Piece:

There it is. I added more detail to the sand as well as obviously the light beams penetrating the water above. I added a small man to show the scale as well as give a lighting point.
All in all, I'm proud of what I've produced. To be honest, I didn't enjoy this unit because its no where near my 'Forte'. But I did it and tried my best. I am happy with this piece specially.


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