13 Nov 2009

The submarine forest creation

This is my process of creating my submarine forest (We will get to that later)


Using the guide I posted yesterday, I started to fill in the spaces. I wanted to make sure the path through the middle was the main focus of the scene. The meaning behind this is this chapter is all about an expedition therefore exploration. I wanted to give a sense of 'what's round that corner?'

I focused on the foreground first so I could experiment with depth using colours. The bushes have a mixture of pink and green leaves so I tried to blend the two together but I didn't want it to be 'tonelly bland' (not that mistake again).


More colour added to the scene with the bushes. This would be applied to the 'Mid' Layer to make manourvering easier.
More filling and I've added detail to the foreground trees and ground. Still using the guide obvoiusly.

Not much to say at this stage of the process. KEEP IT IN THE LINES CHILDREN!!!


I filled out the colour some more and started to experiment with the background colour to make it feel underwatery. Not quite yet...
But I have removed the guide to try clearing it up.

This is where it starts to take place. I continued to edit the background to give it a 'deep, murky' look. Atmosphere was added to the 'mid' layer by using colour dodge and an opacity change causing a mist effect. I also used colour dodge to create beams of light coming from the trees.

More detail in the objects and I added a shark in the background to simbolise the underwater and the chapter does include a shark.

A scale image has been added so I can get a sense of size. The details not finilized yet. Not till the final one...


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