8 Nov 2009

A look at concept art...

Welcome to part 1 of
'Earls concept art research... thing'
Part one is...
Grand Theft Auto:
I love Grand Theft Auto. Is it the murder? Maybe. Murdering a prostitute for my money? Maybe. The Comedy? yes. The deep story with characters that are always developing? Oh yes.

What I have noticed between all the GTA 4 concept art is it all has a very distinct art style. Also the majority is of characters interacting with one another or the the enviroment. The images are striking and contain atmosphere as well as having that GTA 'style'.
Fallout 3:

Just like GTA it features its own unique style, but with the enviroment shots its INCREDIBLY detailed. Not sure if I can match that but they inject there own humour into the scenery making it 'Fallouty'
To becontinued with


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