7 Nov 2009

Sketchs for Concept Art

Here are the three sketchs that I will base my Finals on: (keep in mind I'm not a good drawer)

The Forest:
I have already started this (uploaded later) and I feel it coming along, well OK, if I'm honest. But the sketch does look abit cluttered but I think the colour will fix that. But the most important thing is that thats what I want. It should look cluttered and full, it is a forest.
The Libary:
The image above is not a representation of what my final image will look like. Its parts of the image, like how I want the bookcases to weave around the wall and how the chairs will be placed. I also drew the table that will be situated in the middle of the room. The door gives it scale. I'll splice the image together later in photoshop for a final looking result.
The Saloon/Museum:
Not sure why I put this here as its not a final sketch at all. Its basic and ugly I thought I would put my whole creative process down in the blog.


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