26 Nov 2009

The Museum Final 3

The Final of the three concept pieces.
The important part of this piece is that I wan't it to nearly exactly the same as the previous one. As it is literly the room next to the libary I figuered it would be nearly the same themes.

Step 1: Creating the clam fountain at the front of the scene was the starting point of this endeavor. The background was a clean yellow one as I wanted to see how lighting would affect it.

Step 2: Filling out the clam shell with white and adding in the curves of the shell.

Step 3: Big update this time. I wanted to make it look like the water is... water. I think the whole look works well. I also added a door in the same vain of the previous door. I also added a trophy above the door as described in the chapter. Because it was a fountain I needed a water shot and I think I actually did it really well.

Step 4: Added another trophy to the wall as well as one behind the water. I also added portraits and pedestals to emphasise the fact that its a museum/collection place. The pedestals are spread around unevenly because it was meant to be untidy as described.

Step 5: Simple update... to say. I added more detail to the scene to try and make it a collective scene.

Step 6: Another big change. I changed the colour of the background to match the previous scene. I also used lighting to create focus points over the portraits.

Final Piece:

And there you have it. The final of the three with changed lighting.

Honesty time: I haven't enjoyed this unit, but I am proud of the three pieces I have created. A few months ago I would never have thought I could create these.

Job Done.
Job Well Done for me.


tutorphil said...

Hi everyone – hope you’re relaxing after your five weeks and crit…

In preparation for your next unit, I thought it might be useful to introduce you all to a couple of third year students, whose projects are very environment-based (in different ways and with different emphases) and who are in the later stages of their respective projects; I’d like you to follow their progress – so introduce yourselves and don’t be shy!

Dave Keefe at
Leanne McGuire at

tutorphil said...

Also – take a look at the following project blog – a collaboration between 2 third years, Pol Winandy and Jon Stewart; they’re creating an action-packed animated short; their attention to detail is formidable and they’re also working through all the inevitable tensions/complications that come with group working. It’s been a long, intense experience for them both, and, with five weeks to go, they’re moving into an even more pressurised phase. The environment stage is in the offing – so follow their progress and get a real insight into the minutiae of CG and story-telling; meet the future!

tutorphil said...

Me again!

Phil Hosking has just set up a blog - it's early days, but go say hello...

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