26 Nov 2009

The Libary Final 2

The second final Piece.
The production process:

Step 1: Creating the table was big part of the scene. I needed the table to be important because I wanted to show the clutter that gathered in the library as well as the contrast of space between the door and bookcases. I have a theme of clutter and emptiness.

Step 2: The beginning of the door. I wanted to give it a futuristic as well as an old fashioned style. The lines give a 'sci-fi' aesthetic to the door.

Step 3: Filling out the door with colour. Also started adding a door knob to keep it old looking. I think the light and dark maroon compliment each other.

Step 4: Adding clutter and mess to the table was a key part of the scene. I tried to give the scene a 'clean but messy' look. The books are stacked but paper is strewn about.

Step 5: Simple background for now. I wanted to create a warm but common environment inside the ship. The colour will change as it goes on.

Step 6: The background wall is darkened so the lighting would have more of an effect and the bookcases are brought in. In wanted to give the bookcases a look of curvature.

Step 7: Expanding the bookcase to the right. That's about it.

Step 8: Placing the book cases to the right and getting ready to change the colour on some of the books
Step 9: Filled out the spacing to create the scene described in the book. I added the seats underneath the bookcases and used colour dodge to add in lights.

Step 10: The near final scene. All that's needed now is some colour change to differentiate the books.

The Final Scene:

I added shadows and changed some book colours to red. I actually found inside scenes INCREDIBLY hard. I would have preferred to an outside scene again.


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