9 Nov 2009

How to be Awesome

I need to change my current work on the 'forest' concept art but how is the key.
So heres some things I need to make sure I've done or going to do (with thanks to Simon Holland) :

DON'T be tonely bland: use light or dark tones to 'guide' people around the picture. DO NOT allow the tones and colours to blend together. I'm not trying to make an illistration

Use a focul point to center the work around and continue to build to the strenghs of focusing the persons perception.

Use light sources (I haven't added any yet) not only to add atmosphere and possibly depth but to add a guide for the viewer. I would rather the light to add atmosphere and to enhance the look of the art.

Use a horizon to set perspective. It helps to have a set distance. I can then build 'up' to it or 'down' from it.

Use some sense of Scale. I noticed on Rubens blog that Phil mentioned a use of scale. A human is a simple way of appling scale as we all know the average size of human.

In regard to my 'Submarine Forest) I want it to ooze atmosphere so I have to work on lighting. The issue I am having is the conflict between conventional concept art and the vision I have. I want the forest to be cluttered and full while I'm being told to open it to allow distance and a look at the horizen. I can do that but it then compromises the vision I have for my work.

Maybe Modern Warfare 2 can help me...


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