8 Nov 2009

'The Forest' Concept progression

The development of my 'Forest' concept art. As some can proberly tell there are chuncks of the process missing, especially near the beginning.
For some reason blogger refuses to open them and Photoshop says 'Unknown jpeg marker found' so I can't open them. Any help would be appreciated


Simon (calamity) Holland said...

What format have you saved them in?
Interesting start, however the scene seems tonally ... a bit bland. if you squint at the image you will see that it all kinda blends together. you can bring in blocks of darker and brighter tone to guide the audience around the image and make it more interesting.

Simon (calamity) Holland said...

Questions to ask yourself:

what is your focal point?
where in the frame in it situated?
where are your light sources?
(remember that games often use light to guide a player through a level and highlight important objects etc.)
Where is your horizon? (this will help set your perspective)
what is your scale? (how will your demonstrate it? Human size is pretty standard so an easily identifiable object or person will show this. Underwater you can use things like wrecks etc.)

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