3 Nov 2009

The Night of the Hunter

This film, in my opinion is the best we have seen so far. I'm not attacking Metropolis or Caligari because I understand the influence they had but this was film was just 'better'. Maybe I'm biased to sound?

What was this film meant to be classified? I get that some parts where meant to be horror (The priest raising from the bottom, him flailing in the water after the boat) but there were comic moments. So how should this be catagorised? I think Phil was right about this being a 'fairytale'. The imagery of the animals, the children traveling on the boat, the location of the family house and the boat house. Some would say its a bit too 'mature' for a fairytale, but really? How many fairytales are about murder and children being threatened or hurt. One thing that stood out to me throught out this was Powell always wore black. This stood out in the picnic scene where all the other characters were in white while he wore black. Was this coincidence or something more?

So yeah, it was good

for a black and white film :)


tutorphil said...

... it's another black and white movie tomorrow - Lecture Theatre 2 @ 2 - The Haunting - a lovely, spooky classic! With great production design!

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