1 Nov 2009

20,000 leagues under the sea reviews

Chapter XI (11)
The Nautilus
The Library:
The library description starts at the very beginning and instantly makes you visualize a grand room filled with books and shelves.
The way the book describes the bookshelves as extending around makes me imagine as room that is more circular then square. It mentions Divans (research needed to know what they are) are lined along the walls where the lower shelf's end, making me imagine small leather seats basically underneath the bookshelf's. In front of these divans are small book rests that can move. Maybe there would be small inlays in the floor to show the extent of movement towards and away. In the center (the main focus in my opinion) is a large table covered in old newspapers and pamphlets. This implies to me that only portions of the table are barely visible as the papers are strewn across it. The room is lit by 4 globes, that are half sunk into the ceiling. As they have been given the name 'globe' as opposed to 'semi-circle', it makes me believe that the rest is partially visible. Maybe a small gap around the globes? Door on opposite end of room leads to saloon.

The Saloon:
The entrance is opposite of the library entrance. The shape is described as vast meaning it is much larger then the library. The room is shaped like a 'canted quadrilateral' (research again). It also gives me the measurements of 30x18x15, meaning I can portray the scale much better. The ceiling is adorned with light arabesques (?) which sheds a bright light on all the items in the room. It is described as a museum, which makes me think it has a clinical cleanness to it and are placed with precision, as opposed to the library table. The Walls are plastered with patterns on them hang about 30 pictures each with trophies in between them. Small reproductions of statues, in marble and bronze, stood on pedestals in the corners of the room. The statues are described as admirable, which implies to me that the statues are only small in comparison to there real life counterparts. Maybe these statues are rather large in the room? Despite I said it feels like it could have a cleanness to it, Captain Nemo apologies for the untidiness of the room. This makes me feel that the art and portraits are maybe placed randomly on the walls. They also mention a large organ in the corner of the room (this surprised me as it was never really described) which has old music scores atop it. The room also has a 'valuable' Mosaic table. In a permanent place next to the art were 'Natural Rarities'. They mention plants, shells and other products of the ocean. In the middle of the saloon was a jet of water shooting up and being caught again in half a clam shell.
Around the shell fountain was glass cases with specimens from the ocean. they were all classified and labeled. Pearls were placed in 'special' cases.

Well that's my rambling for first chapter. Congratulations for reading all of it.


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