2 Dec 2009

Invaders from Mars

Where do I start with this? Lets get some background down.
Released in 1953 by Twentieth century Fox and directed by William Cameron Menzies, Invaders from Mars was released before Invasion of the BodySnatchers, and to be honest it shows.

Above: Is it just me or does this poster ruin the movie? The best part of the movie was the suspense of what the creatures are (never mind it was a huge disappointment). The point was it was a threat that we didn't know.

The story follows David MacLean (now known as the 'GeeWhiz Kid') as he tries to warn people about the impending alien attack. Only when two people listen to the random rambling of a child do they enlist the aid of the Pentagon. To me the story was just silly. Hell, 'Independence day' seems like a novel compared to this (I LOVE INDEPENDENCE DAY!!!). Aliens come and the same 3 tanks kill them. The end. But I digress. This film was released at the beginning of the 50s and for the first part it had the suspense and creepiness down. Then when it wanted to be a Sci-fi film and go all military it failed. I fail to believe that the US military would an army (three tanks) to some back water town on the whim of a child and a doctor. But the Sci-fi:

You can't see it here but this little guy is in a fishbowl. Yes, the ultimate threat to mankind as we know it and nemesis the the US army... is a mutant goldfish. Ooooooh scary.

Once again, keeping this guy hidden would have added so much to the film. But know for my biggest problem: Repetition

But Know for my biggest problem: Repetition.

I have seen some shows and films that reuse the odd scene but there so slight and disguised you don't recognise. But this film seemed proud of it! There is only so much a person can sit and watch the same soldiers and Pyjama guys running in the SAME hall. I understand budget constraints but others have to deal with that and they succeed.

But on a serious note: this had strong underlining references to 'the commies'. America was creating a super rocket to 'protect' themselves (yeah right). The aliens where here to sabotage it. Like the thought of the Reds sabotaging American weapons. Speaking of red is it a coincidence that Mars is the 'Red Planet'? I think not.

All in all I enjoyed 'Bodysnatcher' a hell of a lot more. This movie seemed silly, illogical and mundane. I won't criticize the 'dream' ending because it was new then but Wikipedia says the dream ending was removed from the British release. However it's wikipedia and they have no sources.

On an ending note:

David really hates goldfish. There's no need to attack them.


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Alan Postings said...

Hi Earl...

Disapearing at lunchtime again? Last warning!

Bluejetdude said...

Oh S**T!!
I had another job interview this afternoon and I told 'Photoshop Phil' but completly forgot about you.
I'll take that warning and slap myself round the face with it.
I am very sorry and you have my word that there will be no more dissapearing acts!

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