10 Dec 2009

Put ideas to paper... or keyboard

Quick recap of whats been going through my head before I start developing them with sketch's and research. 3 of the 5 following ideas are irrelevant as they don't hold the sacred contradiction... HUMANS. Damn them people we must endure.

Idea 1:
Hotel room death:
The hotel rooms that we saw in the lectures inspired me to create a moment in time focused around this room. I also feel that the suicide image had a strong impact on everyone and wanted to capture that from the inside. I would have a man running over the furniture to get to the window and a women sitting in shock. A child is falling past the window. The man is trying to grab the child. The room is perfect except for the wake of the man.

Idea 2:
A child's bedroom with the wardrobe open and darkness coming out out of it. The room is torn asunder like someone has struggled against the pull of the black.

Idea 3:
First person perspective for this one (COD style). 'You' look up from an empty grave that is gradually being filled up. A man is filling the hole in with a shovel. 'Your' hand is reaching up in a desperate plea to stop.

Idea 4:
An 'empty' room except for destroyed furniture and in the middle of the room is a solitary chair with a teddy bear sitting atop it. The wallpaper is ripped and burnt with furniture cleaved in two. The teddy bears eyes are just off center as they look past the camera. The bear and chair are immaculate. The window at the side of the room shows a perfect suburb neighborhood.

Idea 5:
A funeral scene but with no people. The coffin is thrown aside and is open. The area around the grave is destroyed (like the room). Its placed on a hill over looking a sleepy little settlement.

There's my original five. What do you think has the most potential? answers on a postcode. Or in the comments. Your choice...


tutorphil said...

Hi Earl - your teddy bear image just reminds me of the image below...

I think the coffin image is too enshrined in the Gothic, so it's ability to invert the familiar is lessened; the teddy bear image opens up a play regarding childhood and innocence; I wonder, in more pure terms, if you could do without the scorched wallpaper and overturned furniture, and just let the toys do the unnerving?

Bluejetdude said...

hmmm. good point about the gothic. Thats done then. I do like the idea of adding innocence to the scene though. Maybe if I have a teddy bear in the center and an assortment of toys placed around the room. I can also have them all looking in one direction past the camera...

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