4 Oct 2009

More Portraits

And we are back with more preparatory portraits:
Looking away from Camera:

I felt that this was being confrontational with being obvious. We have seen portraits like this and I wanted to explore it. I have the side of my face while looking away and the back. This was just a test. Speaking of back...
Back of head:

You might be able to see my glasses here or not. Not really sure why I did it but hey, Just trying stuff out. It gives me the feeling of looking at the you without looking. Kind of like my own head is a mask.

My stuff:

This is pretty much were I live. This once again goes back to 'The Ambassadors' by Hans Holbein. Don't worry, the can isn't always there.

PART of my final Portrait:

Just a simple head on picture. Like a Passport photo but I'm doing more to it. I want my portrait to be analytical as opposed to 'real'. I'll get into my final idea a bit later.


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