5 Oct 2009

Police accident???!!!!!

Ah the humble ol' Isle of Sheppey. How I try to get to Uni but Alas... POLICE ACCIDENT??
That's right, people are trying to get to work and uni(me) but the police see fit to close off all paths that lead of the island.
I hope its OK. I have uploaded all my stuff to the blog so that's clear and my Sister still has her Uni essay guide thing so it should be OK.



Ruben Alexandre said...

your not lucky first Ill and now that you have to move out somewhere away from the sea lol
we had a really helpful seminar about the essay any information you want to know i dont post it on your blog ... good luck next time ;)

Bluejetdude said...

I don't think I'll have to move LOL. Someone must have crashed so they shut the roads. But I am pretty unlucky at most things.

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