6 Oct 2009

Final Idea

This is it.
As you can tell from P. Portraits and my looking into more analytical portraits I have decided to go for something much deeper, on a literal scale.
The plan is to get my Thumbprint and enlarge/blow up it, using Photoshop and and clearing up but not taking away what is unique. Then I will use my neutral P.Portrait and place that behind the thumbprint. But this will be using 80-90% Transparency so it is barely visible. The only way to see it is to really look. This also lends into Perception in a way.
My reasoning behind this is to show that the thumbprint is who I am. No tricks and fabrication. It is scientifically me. The face superimposed behind it means you have to analyse the thumbprint to see who it belongs to.


tutorphil said...

Interim Review - Unit 1: Anatomy 06/10/09

Hi Earl,

Essay first - it seems like a pretty clear, well-delineated discussion; it would be useful though if you could post more detail regarding the choice of paintings; I assume that they are necessarily different, and in being so, allow you to talk about the artist and his development? Can I suggest you post the four paintings and use the blog to air some of your analysis. I'd be very interested to read it and feedback accordingly.

Your portrait.... hmmmm, Something tells me that you like a 'quick fix' - and that you're not the most naturally explorative of students; while I can't fault the logic at work in your final portrait idea (the thumbprint is inarguably your 'identity' - at least, in beaucratic/administrative terms), I can't help feeling that it is a bit glib; essentially, you're going to scan in a thumbprint and lay it over a photograph of yourself and modify the transparency... I wonder if this is truly the most rigorous and explorative resolution to what is, essentially, a very difficult project? I notice from your previous portraits, that here too, you're not going much further than a couple of filters, and that the photograph your using is a headshot, probably snapped in your room; again, after looking at all those artists and the great, diverse history of self-portraiture, I can't help wondering about your adventurousness - both in conceptual and aesthetic terms; just how much thought have you given the issue of conveying your identity - how many problems have you tried solving; how many tangents have you taken?

And that brings me to your blog; while entertaining (and I'm pleased you survived the zombie infestation and police curfew), I want to see more pure creativity on display; I want you to use the blog much more excitingly; there's not a huge amount of research in evidence here, or conceptual doodling around the margins of the brief. Put simply, I think you might be coasting a little bit, Earl, and I want to see you dig in and do something innovative and a bit more provocative...

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