14 Oct 2009

The Worlds First Face Transplant.

We watched this documentry on Tuesday. At first I wasn't really sure what this had to do with portrait until the thought of identity was said. Which made me think me about whats inside and out.

I'm not one to be squimish or shy away from blood and gore but one thing did turn my stomach. Isabelle Dinoire was the unfortunate woman in question and I thought the lower half of her face was an undeniable skull. When the doctors had to loosen the muscles around her mother was just horrible. There was no blood or gore but for some reason I hated that part. It could have been the fact that the top half of Isabelles face was perfect while her lower half was practically a skull. But she made it through and more happy then ever. Good.

But It has made me question my Final Portrait. We, as humans, are shallow. Fact. So how could I deform my face with out obvoiuse Photoshop use? Well people say how worse off we are in the morning and how our faces change throughout the day.

Idea 1: A photo of my face taken on the hour, every hour, for 24 hours. This symbolies that our faces are our identity and how differently we react to people when they look different. This would be arranged into like a collage on Photoshop.

Ideas 2: This incorparated with my Thumbnail idea to show I'm the same person I always have been throughout but looking different as the day goes on.


tutorphil said...

Hi Earl - I'm pleased the face transplant doc has given you something to ponder; the point of showing it is a) to link the face to identity in a very clear and 'real' sense, and b) to create hesitation in those students who think lightly of disfiguring their image; it's actually a very profound choice to manipulate your flesh - even simulated! Regarding your ideas, I think idea 2 is beginning to feel rather cluttered; the first idea feels as if it has a more concise 'through-line' in terms of its premise...

Bluejetdude said...

right. I really like idea 1 so I'll be doing that on saturday. I can find something to do for 24 hours

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