1 Oct 2009

I'm Back... with portraits

After I was crippled due to some random illness, I'm am no back with avengence. Today I'm just trying to catch up with the Preparatory portraits. I'll be blogging the lectures and workshop lessons at the weekend, so this is just some portrait attempts. Remember that these are just trying out different styles so theres only light use of Photoshop.

You will see through these portraits that I really like the idea of portraits that don't actually have the person in it. Its more of an analytical look at a person. I have also gone with photos because of what was said in the lectures. They are a documentary instead of a supposed fabrication. I want these to be who I am inside. Here we go:

The Cat:
I believe that people can be defined by the kind of animals or pets they have. Its kinda like how you can define a person by the company they keep. So in a way, I am the cat, the cat is me.
On a technical level all I did was adjust the lighting and her eyes. Its not so fun airbrushing a cat.

My hand
The reasoning behind this is that my hand has been there, well for all my life (obviously). It has all the experience and shows the ware of everything I have ever done. This is really the core of who and what I fundamentally am.
Technically I just adjusted lighting again.
My face Cliched:
Filter Time:

Chalk and Charcoal.
I prefer this then the 'monotone' setting because I like the shades.

This was just a test to see how different textures can make a picture.
Black and white Halves:
The most cliched is the black and white look to show a good-evil side... apparently. I can't see it. It appears more to me like filter overload. oh well each to there own.
To be continued...
More Analytical portraits to come.


tutorphil said...

Welcome back, Earl! Don't stress too much re. what you've missed; talk to your classmates about Maya stuff - I'm sure between you you'll get up to speed again. Be sure to get all your work - all of it - preparatory portraits, essay question, Maya stuff... - up on your blog by the close of Monday, as I'll be reviewing your blogs from 9am Tuesday...

Also, see you in Lecture Theatre 2 @ 11 on Monday

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