15 Oct 2009

MyUCA problems?

I'm trying to get the tutorials for the 3D maya work of MyUCA but I'm running into some trouble.
Week 4 works fine but the other 3 weeks get HTTP 404 errors. So will it be fixed in a matter of time or am I gonna have to get the files from elsewere?


Jack Stevenson said...

sounds like it could have been taken off the network? i got them on usb, just ask

Ruben Alexandre said...

the only problem i have got is with the anatomy brief, the rest is working perfectly also week 4 of maya looks exciting

Bluejetdude said...

Well Phil emailed me saying it was an update that happened on myUCA. apparently there fixing it now.

also Jack, would it be possible to email me the pdfs and files we need for the lighting?
My email is

Alan Postings said...

Earl, You can collect all the tutorials from me on Tuesday. The tutorials are always handed out in class too so you get two chances to collect them should anything go wrong, such as myUCA server issues. Unfortunately, I haven't seen you in class recently?

Bluejetdude said...

ok thanks Alan. I'll find you on tuesday if I don't get them before then. It would seem that recently everything has been going wrong for me on fridays...

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