25 Sep 2009


Ill today. Why did I eat that burger thing yesterday?
If anyone could just post what I missed in the workshops today I'd appreciate it.


Leo said...

Sucks man hope you get well soon, I'm not feeling all that well either. You didn't miss much in Photoshop and Illustrator ones, the Maya workshop covered the basics in terms of interface and terms but you should be able to catch up with not too much of a problem.

There's some .pdf file handouts we got in Maya workshop, I can send to you if you want, (or just wait till Monday) whats your email?

Bluejetdude said...

Thanks for your concern Leo, Its good to know it was only the basics.
If you could send me the PDFs that would be great.
My email is:

Leo said...

No problem, just sent the email. Lemme know if you received ;o

Bluejetdude said...

yeah i got it no prob. thanks

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