23 Sep 2009

Ideas and ehhh... stuff

So the induction week has finished and the first real week is halfway through.

The class (of 42!!!) have also now had the first two lectures which were insightful to the minds of these artists that I had never really thought about. Im just gonna sum them up here for my own gain but if you didn't write anything, I'm your man!
(for HALO goodness look at the bottem)

Lecture 1:

Portraits 'portray' experience through the surroundings and cloths.

Confidence with confrontation (Looking out)

Mementos hidden in the picture (Ala 'The Ambassodors')

This one interested me because of the skull memento at the bottem of the picture. At first I thought it was a blemish on old picture of the paint brush drawn in. It was only when Phil pointed the skull out that I saw it.
Portraits made up small items can be effective.
Self-portrait as someone else.
Face Position (Mainly women)
Artists are meant to look like there suffering?
There past affect the pictures such as injurys or traumatic experiences.
The Portrait doesn't need to contain the artist.
Blending faces together to create a new portrait. (I.E Ethic, Power, etc)
Putting pics together to add complexity.
Camoflauge to portray yourself in a different light. (Mentally of Physically)
That Fiona Shaw lady in the documentry was in the 'Super Mario Bros' Movie. How did her carrear recover from that??
Ideas from L1:
My fingerprint with my emotions behind it. Like the DNA guy in the documentry.
Lecture 2:
Photos are documentry.
Pictures are Fabrications.
Confuse /cloak image of a portrait to show feelings (huh, Hiding things to show more. Is that Ironic?)
Eyes give the true feelings away.
Look at Jiri David for massages in images.
Mirror and symertry is really unnerving.
Backgrounds affect the viewers interpritation of the pic.
New Ideas for L2:
My face- one half airbrushed, other o'natural.
Me, made of money
Still the Fingerprint idea.
Thats the Lectures.

I'm gonna start looking at all your blogs now because I have only just seen Phils comment on my previous blogs. It will be good to see all the interests of you guys (42 of them! thats alot of names to remember).
Also, I was talking to Chris on the train and we talked about Halo ODST and Firefight.
My Gamer Tag is 'Bluejetdude132' So just add me and we'll kill some Alien scum.
URAH!! (thats war talk, I think)


tutorphil said...

Fiona Shaw in Mario Brothers - not her finest hour! I guess making sensitive documentaries about portraiture doesn't pay the mortgage! :-)

Ruben Alexandre said...

The ideas stand out the most are the controversial ones because like i aid before are different and is a eyecatcher in society also opens the mind and makes you wonder what the artist is going through that period of their life.

I wish i still had my playstation 1 so i could be playing even the 1st MGS, storyline is fascinating from the 1st till latter. I guess i have to be happy to play only the 4th.

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