30 Aug 2009

30/08/09 Day 7: the return

7 Days. 168 hours. 10080 Minutes. 604800 Seconds.

Thats how long (in intricate detail) I have been back and I haven't had a very eventful week.

My friend has gone off to Uni so he allowed Me and another mate look after his Rock Band 2 game. HAPPY TIME!! Rock Band and Guiter Hero is awesome, especially in groups but the thing I hate about it is the price. WHY shold some plastic instruments cost nearly £200?? Thats just isn't sensical! Even at a time when the UK is gripped in a economic crisis they still insist on be overpriced. Still there (Harmonix) isn't as bad Activision and there Guiter Hero franchise. Do they need to charge such prices? I thought the point was to be competitive? Still not as bad as Modern Warfare 2 price hike to £55.

Wait... I'm sorry. Now I'm mad!

Activison have raised the RRP of possibly the biggest game of 2009. Or maybe of all time if the marketing hype is to be believed. So I get it that the World is in a pickle. Activision is a company that has to stay afloat. So raising the price of there biggest game makes sense on a globel scale.

UK only?

WHAT! Not Globel? Not USA and Europe? Not just Europe? THE UK? ONLY? How is that ethical? Surely raising a price of a game thats gonna sell like theres no tommorow in just one region is just wrong. Isn't there commitees or someone that can stop this? Using the UK as a testing ground for Activisions world domination is wrong and no one cares because its the UK.
Is the US paying attention? No. Just wait until there prices raise. Then it will be to late.
Is this worth it:

HELL YES... for me. I'm getting the Prestige edition which hasn't raised price because they have NIGHT VISION GOOGLES.



Yesterday I went to see 'Inglorious Basterds'. It was a Tarentino film so it was BOUND to be gory and violent. And it was. However I don't think it was the masterpice the press have made it out be.
It was good but I would have made some changes. Some scenes felt out of place and not needed. That would have helped the speed of the movie and make it more connected. Another issue I had was the amount of subtitles there were. At first I thought it was realism. French people in France would speak French and Germans would speak German. But by the way it ended, It was clear that realism was NOT Tarentinos aim.
One little gripe I had was Samuel L. Jackson appearing out of nowhere and narrating it. We haven't had a Narrater for an hour of the movie. Why now?
Brad Pitts performence was good. And funny.

One thing the press is telling the truth about is Batman: Arkham Asylum.
I don't need to tell you. Just read the reviews and watch this:


(Night Vision Google for the WIN!!)


Dan Bright said...

Hi Earl,

im dan, I shall be joining you in Rochester. Sounds like we both share the same interests. Look forward to meeting you.


Sam Hayes said...

Hey Earl (and Dan)

I'll be joining you guys in Rochester too.

I'm annoyed at the price boosts for the new Call of Duty as well, its an insane amount of money to pay for a game. I haven't bought anything more than a guitar controller either, as the rock band set is also stupidly expensive. Ah well.

Good luck with the rest of your project.

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