23 Aug 2009

09/08/09 Day One

First day away in the year. I would say its not of to the best of starts. All the stuff (I.E Fridge, TWO beds) we should have got, we didn't.

One thing I did get is 'Tales of Vesperia' but now I can't play it till I get back in two weeks.

Its strange that I'm getting 'Vesperia'.
When I was young I liked the JRPG (Japanese Role Playing Game) because the characters and settings were so similar to cartoons.
But as I grew up I preferred WRPG (Western RPG) because of there preferred 'gritty, realistic' route. Games such as Mass Effect spring to mind.
They prefer to have real stories with consequences, while JRPG has stuff like 'friendship' and other stupid things.
But sometimes I get the urge for Cheesy Japanese stuff. I'm not saying all of them. Metal Gear Solid on the Playstations is INCREDIBLE. A real credit to the entire games industry and really pushes the medium to become more like Movies.
And let us never forget the greatness that Nintendo and Sony put it.

But back to the room fiasco. It got me thinking about what companies can say to get your money. For example: if you say 'Not Guaranteed' then you have no come back to the huge Mega Corporations. Which is obviously CRAP!!

Looks nothing like that. How can it say one thing in the brochure but a different thing when you arrive at the hotel or whatever your staying in.
So, all in all, not the best start.
But at least the TV has BBC.
My feeling of the day: Cheated.


tutorphil said...

oh dear... I hope the cockroaches were friendly...

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