23 Aug 2009

12/08/09 The Sounds...

Snoring. What a wierd phenomonom.
Some people snore, some people don't. Some loud, some quiet. ALL annoying.

I get that its a normal occurence and a hell of alot of people do it, but when your trying to sleep and you have the constant noise in your ear, it becomes to much to tolerate.

I hate the unknown.
Snoring is an unknown... to me.
What courses it?
Why do people do it?
Do people research it?
What are they called? Snoreapoligists?

What is it good for?
Absolutly nothing! I hate it when it affects me. People snore. I know that and have no problem with it. Just don't do it in my ear.
I have still be pondering about advertisments and the companies that run them. Some are normal:

And some not so normal:

(courtesy of

We have to imagine that the marketing team for BioShock 2 is split into two warring factions, each one trying to outdo the other's promotions. "We're going to make an online pseudo-ARG site." "Oh yeah? Well we're going to give away characters as a pre-order bonus." "Oh yeah? Well we're going to set up an eerie simulacrum of our ARG site in the middle of Comic-Con." Hopefully the escalation will stop before we reach: "Oh yeah? Well we're going to kidnap an actual little girl and take her to the bottom of the ocean."The latest salvo from one of these sects is pretty clever (and legal, we think) -- a number of advertisements for plasmids and Rapture locales tucked into bottles from Arcadia's Worley Winery (an in-game spirits retailer) recently washed up on beaches across the world. Kotaku readers grabbed images from the bottle-peppered shores of Brighton Beach, The Hague, Vancouver and Santa Monica. If your mainland orientation kept you from checking out the promotion, don't despair -- you can already grab one of these ad-filled bottles on eBay for around $100.

But both stretch what can be said. Can you tell a consumer one thing but not deliever?
For example :
If an airline says:
'Fly to Spain for £X'
you would assume that your getting on a plane and fly over to spain. When you get there, they have a helicopter waiting.
Not a great example, but it still stands (kinda).
You get what they say but they never specify until its too late. And do they have the real product tucked away and want to to go and get it (literlly in some cases).
It even comes down to 'exclusivity' in gameing.
Can a compnay like Sony or Microsoft tout there game as an exclusive even though they KNOW in 6 months or so the product will be annouced for another platform.
Bioshock was like this (Xbox 360 to PS3)
As was Final Fantasy 13 (PS3 to Xbox 360)
Funny what length companies go too to fool the unwitting public.


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