30 Aug 2009

15/08/09 The Dreaded Black... DOT

Just got back from dinner. I thought I might have a nice wasy night, so I decided to get the PSP out.

But something was amiss.
The bottem right...
Is that MOVEMENT???
A little Spanish Brown bug has scampered its way into my PSP circertry and from there onto the Screen. No... not on, UNDER!

I'm pacing, thinking it will leave of its own accord... somehow. Preying it will leave on its own.
I hate blemishes on any screen and its typical this happens.

I got rid of my fat DS and fat PSP for these reasons.

Now what?
To be Continued...
10 minutes later
Wierd, Its now a small black blurry thing. Maybe its started to biodegrade?


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