28 Aug 2009

14/08/09 Fish City

Fish seem to have such an easy life (except for the concept of constant danger and being eaten on a plate next to chips). Just swim and eat, then they do that again. They seem so relaxed just swaying through the water oblivious to the world.
What has started my fishy thinking?
Today I voyaged into the world of scuba diving.
Its strange how an entire world can not only exist beneath the waves but was also carved by them and currents along the seabed. People seem to forget that such a place is even there. Fish and other animals all have there own eco-system and co-exist (except for a little thing called the 'food chain').
The way the sea has created formations of rocks on the seafloor.
All unique due to the swaying of the waves and other factors.
Just an observation.


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