24 Nov 2010

Character Design - Character Bios

Garz - The Hero

Garz is a mystery to many people in Camalot. One dark night, Garz at the age of 10 wandering in to the city, beaten and with little memory of his past. Knight Commander Lancelot took him on as an apprentice, where he learnt that the boy had natural talent with a sword and showed potential for the use of magic. Now at the age of 18, and hoping to join the Draken, Garzs history begins to show itself. The people of Camelot are friendly with Garz but harbour a silent fear of his unknown past, and frown upon his rebellious behaviour.

Garz is in many ways the hero. He is brave and won't let anyone step all over the weak, but he carries a dark secret and because of it, won't let anyone get close to him, shielding himself from the world.

Vortaii - The Sidekick

Vortaii is a funny creature. Not just by his personality but by his very existence. Pixies are common place in the land of England, famed for there immaculate beauty and flowing golden hair, Pixies guide wanderers through there forest home to the safe haven of the City. Yet, here is a male pixie that has clearly let himself go and is down right sarcastic! The opposite of the fabled Pixies that reside in the forest. In truth, Vortaii was evicted from the Pixie Protection Agency for neglecting his duties and as such, shunned both the worlds of Human and Pixies. That is until, a young hero literally comes crashing through his ceiling.

Vortaii is the comic relief in a dark tale. A fat, small creature not afraid to confront a villain... if he can bothered that is. Living at home watching the plants grow over the past 10 years has made one lazy Pixie.

Mordred - The Villain

Mordred is evil incarnate, simple as that. Sitting astride his mighty throne, he oversees everything in the England. He has complete rule and utter dominance, except for one haven that lies outside his reach. The haven is the city of Camelot. This infuriates Mordred to no end, the knowledge that there lies a city where children can grow and people can enjoy restless nights. A place that he cannot claim as his own. Mordred hatches a plan to steal the Maiden Dylana away, hoping to break the seal that protects the city and the surrounding forest. But he never expected for hero to follow. No, not Lancelot, but Garz, a man that Mordred knows from his past.

Mordred is the ultimate evil in a dark, barren wasteland full of bandits and monsters. Forever scheming ways to break Camelots protection, which he believes is connected to the Maiden Dylana. But for all his evil he still tries to live up to his family name, for you see, Mordred's father was feared until his disappearance. Mordred idolized his father and is forever looking for ways to make him proud.


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