17 Oct 2010

Character Design - Shape Outlines and Basic Details

I've been working on the shapes for the characters and then adding some basic detail to get the feel for there clothes and some basic character.

Hero Shape:

Hero Detail:

The Hero is a sort of traveler, as he searches England for the Kidnapped Maiden. Due to this I have tried to create a look that is heroic as well as worn. This is shown in the shoulder cape, the gauntlets and armour flaps around the waist. I have also tried to keep in the theme of Arthurian and Fantasy. As he is a young man, I did not want the 'super' squareness of the some typical heroes, so instead I based it around squares but curved them off to give him a younger, more friendlier feel.

Sidekick Shape:

Sidekick Detail:

My Sidekick Character is an out of work male Pixie. As the more comical part of the show, I created him as a 'portly' character made of circles. He appeals to the audience as the 'down on his luck' loser. He also has sharp wit, hence the pose. The clothes of the sidekick is based upon that of a genie, but are very tight fitting, as he has put on weight since leaving the rank of a Pixie. When I think of this character, I picture Danny DeVito.

Villain Shape:

Villain Detail:

For the villain of the show, I have tried to channel the likes of 'Skelator' from He-Man and 'Cobra Commander' from G.I Joe. By this I mean a more maniacal villain as opposed the dark, evil villain of a more grown up shown, hence the evil laughter pose. I have also given him armour for an imposing look and made it more pointy and triangular. This especially comes across in the hands. It is in contrast with the hero who has circular hands and gloves, while the villain has pointed gauntlets. I have also used a helmet to mask his true face, again in the vain of 'Cobra Commander'. All you can see is red eyes and the rest is black. It creates a mystery as to what exactly the man underneath looks like. I also used a long, flowing cape as opposed the the shoulder cape for the hero to create more contrast.


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