10 Oct 2010

Mulholland Drive Review

Where do I start with this one...
Phil said that this film divides opinion and spurs on discussion. There is the group that loves its intricacy and general weirdness that they embrace it. There is the group who find it irritating that it can't seem to hold a plot. I fall into neither of these two...
I despise this film. So lets delve in:

The film is about... oh, a road block already. To be honest I have no idea. There are to many plot strands that don't go anywhere or are linked so minutely that there non important. I tries to be so many different films and genres, it has no focus, which I never knew it would, absolutely infuriates me.

I can watch a film that has no story, where its all about the action for example. I can also watch a film that focuses on character development and story progression. Mulholland Drive falls into neither category as it tries to be something and not at the same time.

One plot through out the film is the journey of Naomi Watt's character Betty, as she flies to Hollywood to chase the American dream. Yes, this plot starts with a story. So far, so good. By the time the credits role, was there any continuation? There were a few scenes here and there about her auditioning but a conclusion? No. This is juxtaposed with a scene that lasts about 10 minutes, also at the beginning, where two men sit in a dinner, discussing a dream.
'This dream talk is lasting a bit long, but it must be leading somewhere... right? RIGHT????'
No, inner Earl voice... it does not. Man sees scary face. Scene over. Thank you for being in my film, goodbye. We will never talk of this again. There were countless more of these little (and not so little) scenes throughout the film, that I can't even start analysing for fear for my sanity.

On a high point, the direction was well done, only allowing the viewer to see what they needed without it feeling forced.

When the film finished, Dan said to me 'I have to go ask Phil what that was about'. I, on the other hand, wanted to distance myself from the film as soon as possible. I think the main culprit was that it was confusing and ,to me, had no story realised enough. I don't normally get confused, I watch 'Lost'.

Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the chance to see the film, if only to discover my hatred for it...

Yes Naomi, this movie does start with a semblance of a story... But don't get your hopes up


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