10 Oct 2010

Character Design - Plot Synopsis

I have redone the plot synopsis because I forgot one key component... the fact that its 80s cartoon. I was so busy thinking of some realistic take on Arthurian and Fantasy archetypes that I overshadowed the most important part.

80s Cartoon Plot:

The Kingdom of Camelot lives in peace, surrounding itself with the Forest of Serenity for protection. England beyond this border, is a cold dark place which the evil Dark Lord Mordred rules. Inside the city walls, lives a young man named Garz that aspires to join the Knights of Camelot under the guidance of the great Sir Lancelot. But on the eve of her wedding, castle maiden Dylena is kidnapped by the evil Mordred that claims her love for himself. Astride his mighty dragon, Lancelot ventures into the Barren England in look of the damsel. Seeking to prove himself to his mentor, Garz starts his own quest to find the maiden, leading him into the Forest of Serenity and beyond...

Join Garz, a young man seeking to save the maiden, and his friend, Vortaii, a Pixie that has lost his way after leaving the Pixie Protection Guild, as they journey throughout there great mystical land for a lost Hero and a lost Maiden. Along the way they will meet new friends, such as dragons and imps, and visit magical places. But they will also face the ultimate evil... Dark Lord Mordred!

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Character Bios to follow...


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