20 Apr 2011

ELM Productions Logo and Intro

After seeing the post on the group blog of Justin's incredible logo, I decided to head on over to Video Copilot and see if I could find a Tutorial to match my logo. I easily found one that fitted to my logo but made it look better.

Heres the new Logo:

And the Intro created in After Effects:

I thought it goes really well with my original 'Galaxy' thinking that I had in mind when creating the original Logo, but this is a lot more professional...

EDIT: Changed Now to fit with Phils Comments and the tweaks I didn't do last time...


tutorphil said...

I think you need to better marry the typeface to the whizz-bang stuff - it feels here like you've got the 'whizz-bang' bit and then the logo - as opposed to them feeling integrated - anything you can do?

Bluejetdude said...

I'll give it a look over the next few days, but I'm not really up to scratch with AE. But I'm sure I can find a Tutorial on Video Co-Pilot for it :)

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