19 Apr 2012

MP - Attack!!! Of the Virus! - Misc Modelling

While modelling the three main ships for the animation (which are coming along) I took some time to model the 'miscellaneous' aspects of the animation. These are the parts that I haven't designed on paper but kept there image in my head. The reason for this is that they appear on the screen for a small time and feed the narrative. These objects include the bomb that the WBC drops into the power core, the Parasite Toxin that the Mothership drops out etc.

The Cel/Toon shading applied here is the default Maya one to try and imprint some of the art style onto the model. This will be modified at a later date.

Red Blood Cell

Nothing too special here. It was important that the Red Blood Cell looks like one. This will help the audience identify where they are and understand the biological nature of it.

Virus 'Parasite'

This is the parasite that is dropped from the Virus Mothership and absorbs other cells. I made it as spiky as possible to show the 'evil' nature and its infectious nature. The purple and green is a combination of the colour of the virus weapon and Virus ship.

White Blood Cell Bomb

This is the bomb that the lone White Blood Cell ship drops into the power core of the Virus Mothership. It was originally a lot more pointed but that made it look more like a drill. I wanted it to be more pointed then the WBC ships to show the immense power of the bomb. I based the look on a Tactical Nuke. Like the Parasite, the colour is a combination of the White Blood Cell weapon (Yellow) and WBC colour (White)

Vein Interior

This is the vein interior. I wanted to give it some contours so it wasn't just a smooth line. This will be brought more to life with the movements of the Red Blood Cells

Virus Interior

This is the current state of the Virus Interior. This will be featured when the WBC flies into the Mothership through the exposed vent. I made the inside similar to the outside and further vents on the wall to show where the parasite toxin was coming from. This will be enhanced by adding elements to the walls and changing the look of the vents.


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